Make Your Home Bigger Using Your Garage
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Make Your Home Bigger Using Your Garage

I’ve converted four of the garages in the homes I’ve lived in and each time the job has led to an increase in the sales price of my property. If you are looking for a quick way of adding extra space in your home without needing to fork out a great deal, then take a look at my blog which is packed full or articles about what you need to do to get the best from your own garage conversion. From extra bedrooms to utility and workshop areas, I’ve done it all. I’ve even converted a garage back to its former function by refitting new doors. If you want to benefit from what I’ve learned as a DIY garage converter, then read on!


Make Your Home Bigger Using Your Garage

What to Look for When Seeking Garage Door Repair Services

Ashley Peck

Garage doors are a staple in most residences, and as such, you will find that numerous companies are offering repair as well as installation services. However, this abundance of options may make it difficult for homeowners to narrow down their choices. To help you in finding the right garage door repair services to suit your needs, here are some things that you should put into consideration.


When looking for a company, most people tend to base their decision on the price of the repairs. Although this may sound cost-efficient, you may find that the cheapest option is not always the safest bet. Request an estimate before the repair company assesses the problem at hand. The assessment should include all charges to avoid any hidden costs once the job is done. A reputable company should provide you with an itemised bill that will include services rendered as well as parts procured for the procedure.


Consider thoroughness when choosing a repair service. On some occasions, you may find that you opt for garage door repairs only to find that two months down the road you are experiencing problems with your garage doors. A reputable company will typically offer their customers follow-up inspections free of charge. This way you can rest assured that they have done a thorough job and will come in and check on your garage doors to ensure they are not experiencing any additional problems. You may also want to enquire whether the repair service will offer you a warranty or not.

Documentation of the repairs

Some homeowners will not be well informed on the technical elements of garage door repair. As such, you cannot know with certainty what is being done in a correct way and if any steps have been skipped. To avoid this, have the repair service document the process of the repair. This way, in the event of any problems down the road, you will have it in writing what the repair company did and what they did not do.

Insurance and certification

Before signing any paperwork for the repairs to begin, ensure that you request for certification from the repair company as well as checking whether they are bonded and insured. Only after ascertaining the credentials of the garage door service is when you can go ahead and sign the contract. Also, ensure that you have understood all the clauses in the contract beforehand.