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Make Your Home Bigger Using Your Garage

I’ve converted four of the garages in the homes I’ve lived in and each time the job has led to an increase in the sales price of my property. If you are looking for a quick way of adding extra space in your home without needing to fork out a great deal, then take a look at my blog which is packed full or articles about what you need to do to get the best from your own garage conversion. From extra bedrooms to utility and workshop areas, I’ve done it all. I’ve even converted a garage back to its former function by refitting new doors. If you want to benefit from what I’ve learned as a DIY garage converter, then read on!


Make Your Home Bigger Using Your Garage

3 Major Reasons Why Your Garage Door Does Not Function Properly

Ashley Peck

If your garage door does not work properly, it would inconvenience you. You cannot get access to your car because your garage door won't open. This will make you run late for your appointment as you try to open the door. You need to take a step once this happens to avoid similar experiences in the future. There are some garage door problems that you can easily fix yourself. However, there are more complicated problems that can only be fixed by garage door professionals. This is because you may need to install new hardware on to your garage door. No matter what the problem is, you should address it fast. A professional will advise you to get a new garage door if it is beyond repair. The following are some of the reasons why your residential garage door is not opening or closing properly.

Dead batteries

Most people do not remember to replace the batteries in their remotes. The first thing they would think of if the garage door is not opening or closing is that something is broken. If you have not replaced your batteries for a while, you should do it before getting a professional to help you figure out what the problem is.  You should ensure that you place the batteries correctly to avoid getting a wrong signal that the garage door could be having another problem.

Misalignment of the photo eye

There are photo eyes on both sides of the garage doors that transmit a beam that tells if there is anything that is in the path of the door when it shuts. Therefore, with these photo eyes, you would not worry that a child may get hurt when they try to run out of the garage when the door is closing. If your garage door opens smoothly and does not close when you press the remote, you should first check the photo eyes. Dirt may have built up on the photo eyes or they may be misaligned. A professional will help you clean or align the eyes depending on their problem.

Improper alignment of the track

The track on which your door runs should be properly aligned so your garage door opens and closes smoothly. You can tell that the track is misaligned if there is rubbing noise when you open or close the door. The door could also slow down when it reaches a certain point. There could be gaps between rollers and rails, and this is a clear sign of misalignment of the tracks. A professional will help you realign the garage door with the right equipment.